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Scania Technology Day

H&D Wireless presents the latest Raven IoT sensor  Box827 at Scania Technology Day.

Scania Production & Logistics (P&L) organization arrange a yearly event called P&L Technology Day, which is an event where P&L gather people from all over Scanias global production organization for a one day seminar filled with lectures and workshops. The idea behind the event is to create innovation and inspiration among the employees, but most important to enable networking within P&L organization.

H&D Wireless is a strategic partner to Scania and is invited to present the latest Raven IoT sensor  BoX827. The IoT sensor box was first introduced in the Scania smart factory lab but is now entering Scania production critical environment. Scania and H&D Wireless has entered into a 12-month agreement for IoT Services. (Read full Press Release). Raven IoT sensor BOX827 is a solution that can be easily applied to machines or tools for monitoring their health, uptime, interval to next service with cloud analysis for predictive maintenance. 

The Raven IoT sensor  BoX827 is on display with a live demo during Scania Technology Day. The sensor is connected with Movomech lift equipment, providing user data of the lift equipment to the cloud and apps enabling service management savings.

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