Griffin IoT Cloud Platform

Griffin is a full turn-key IoT cloud platform designed to minimize time to market. It helps address major design challenges such as deployment, security, interoperability and operations by providing a complete framework for wireless connectivity to the cloud.

Based on a patented IoT security solution, Griffin offers all services needed to connect devices on the edge of internet, through back-end cloud services to users interacting with mobile apps and analytics tools. Griffin is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to scale all the way up to handling millions of devices.

  • A complete solution consists of a hardware unit, an RF module, a cloud server, a smartphone app and, most importantly, software that controls the communication and applications.
  • The module contains all the software for all of the communication protocols, security and the application and therefore does not need any external processor (MCU).
  • The module runs on batteries and is connected to the different types of sensors depending on what application and service that will be used.
  • Data from the sensors is securely sent using wireless technologies to a cloud server where analysis is made. The server can also send messages and potential alarms to smartphones or other services.
  • The module is configurable by loading different parameters or profiles, either from the cloud server, the smartphone or in the manufacturing process.
  • The company can easily make adjustments to new clients and new applications.


High level system architecture view – Griffin IoT Cloud Platform: