Enterprise RTLS

Enterprise RTLS is a new business unit within H&D Wireless, focused on providing “real time location services” in the growing industrial IoT market.

Real time location services

Fundamental to the digital transformation of business processes is the ability to continuously track the location of vehicles, key assets, Returnable Transport Packages (RTPs), sub-assemblies and staff while monitoring associated performance metrics in real time.

Griffin Enterprise Positioning Services (GEPS) from H &D Wireless is a unique and comprehensive solution bridging the information gap between physical assets and business systems (, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software.) GEPS brings together cutting edge, low power wireless tags and sensors underpinned by a powerful cloud based IoT platform for analyzing large datasets, delivering visual dashboards with valuable, actionable insights to your fingertips via web interface, monitor, smartphone apps and tablets.

GEPS can be smoothly integrated with (leading) business and AI systems to provide analytics that can further streamline and digitize your business processes. Deploy GEPS and easily customize to suit your particular requirements, for better efficiency, faster throughput, quicker responsiveness to market conditions and improved profitability. Implementing GEPS, cuts down on waste, maintains an audit trail for safety & CSR purposes and is perhaps the best investment in the future prosperity of your business!

"Immediate Return On Investment"

GEPS™ – a unique solution for real-time positioning services for assets and people.

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