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H&D Wireless

Makes rights issue of 2.5M euros and an acquisition of company with great potential.

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Investor Relations

H&D Wireless work within investor relations aim at creating and maintaining a knowledge about H&D Wireless among investors, analysts and journalist, and thereby contribute to the correct appraisal of the H&D Wireless share.

3 reasons to invest in H&D Wireless

Marketvalue estimate 2021 (Source: Market and Markets 2015)
  • Strong local competence. H&D Wireless has a strong local competence with a proven historical track record. H&D Wireless employees are people with a passion for a delivery of their extensive knowledge of wireless solutions and technology to make H&D Wireless customers pleased for a recurring relationship. The company has to date shipped more than 1,000,000 wi-fi units for smarthome and wireless multimedia solutions across the globe.

  • Clear strategy to deliver growth. With GEPS™ for Industry, H&D Wireless strengthens its position in the fast-growing market of Real-Time Locating Services (RTLS), within enterprises for assets, supply chain and people. Thanks to years of determination and hard work a promising real time positioning solution is offered complemented with substantial financing.

  • Attractive market potential. The total IoT market is expected to increase rapidly, but the biggest increase is within companies (Retail, Logistics and Retail) and government agencies (Smart City and Healthcare). It is also there that it is more long-term motivated to introduce IoT to become “smarter” and more automate the various business processes. There is also a real profit through cost savings and new services and thus long-term profitability for IoT suppliers. The part of the corporate market that has a large share and long-term value of IoT is Manufacturing, Transport / Logistics and Retail. Initially, the Company will focus on Manufacturing companies through the applications “Smart Factory” and “Industrial IoT (iIoT)” which together is estimated to increase to 225BUSD 2021 (MarketandMarkets 2015).

“units of wireless products shipped worldwide since 2009 by H&D Wireless”
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