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Financial Reports

H&D Wireless release financial reports in accordance with the Financial Calendar.
All financial reporting is governed by the Swedish companies Act (“Sv: Aktiebolagslagen”)
and associated legislation in addition to the First North rulebook.

Date Title Description Download
2018-08-29 Företrädesemission  (teckningsperiod: 29/8 – 14/9 2018)
 2017-12-20 Bolagsbeskrivining, H&D Wireless AB Bolagsbeskrivining i samband med notering på Nasdaq First North  Bolagsbeskrivning (PDF)
Date Title Description Download
2018-08-15 Report for the second quarter 2018 Interim report Q2 2018 Swedish
2018-04-25 Report for the first quarter 2018 Interim report Q1 2018 English, Swedish
2018-02-23 Year end report 2017 Interim report Q4 2017 English, Swedish
Date Title Description Download
2018-04-05 Financial Report Annual Report 2017 Swedish
2018-04-05 Financial Report Annual Report 2017 – H&D Wireless Sweden AB (subsidiary) Swedish
2017-05-10 Financial Report Annual Report 2016-12 English, Swedish