H&D Wireless has a clear focus on creating value for customers by providing technology and know-how that enables wireless connectivity and applications for positioning and monitoring of central flows and resources. The organizational, technical and commercial exchange between the business areas is large. The different approaches of the companies support each other and together create a strong offering and good opportunities for synergies and cost efficiency.

Opportunity for real-time positioning is an important step in the pursuit of what is known in the manufacturing industry as “Industry 4.0”, which in short involves connecting industrial flows and processes to the Internet. The goal is to enable production with shorter changeover and lead times, fewer errors, more flexibility and reduced need for time-consuming programming. From 2018, GEPS® offers positioning both indoors and outdoors seamlessly (i.e. in the same system and presentation).

H&D Wireless’s vision is to become a market leader in the Nordic region in services based on real-time location systems and AI (Machine learning) and then, together with customers, expand operations internationally.