Scania GEPS® Smart Factory

We are proud, after 6 months of evaluation in Smartfactory Lab, to have passed a very important milestone with one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers, that is, to be invited to offer in a pilot project at Scania. We know that our solution GEPS® for industry (Griffin Enterprise Positioning Services) Creates business value: The industrial companies that implement RTLS solutions can expect 20-40 percent improved utilization of their equipment, as well as 6-12 months payback. This also applies to the automotive industry, Says Pär, CEO and founder of H&D Wireless AB.

“At Scania Smart Factory Lab, we evaluate new technologies and solutions to see what you can achieve. Furthermore, we are demonstrating the technologies in the most real way possible regardless of the ongoing production, explains Lars Hanson, Project Manager for SmartFactory Lab at Scania. SmartFactory Lab is a new key part of a structured process to introduce new technologies to Scania’s global factories, including the sister company MAN’s factories.

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