H&D Wireless develops and sells components, systems and services that enable connection, location, efficiency and monitoring of materials, tools, fixtures and people.

The technology makes it possible to analyze, automate and streamline flows and processes in a number of areas with the help of positioning technology, digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI). The business is based on the proprietary cloud-based software platforms Griffin IoT Cloud Service, Casat ™ and Griffin Enterprise Positioning Services (GEPS®).

Since 2019, MVV Holding has been a member of the Group, whereby most product areas can be offered to Swedish and international customers with framework agreements and repeat business with several of the major vehicle manufacturers.

Main Product Areas

GEPS (RTLS system) – Sales of services based on indoor positioning and AI of tools, materials, equipment and people in real time

Casat™ is a cloud-based platform for the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) developed together with Volvo Penta and Parker

Connectivity – Development and sale of standardized components in the form of radio modules as well as battery-powered IoT devices that enable wireless connection of machines and built-in products.

Consultancy Services – Consultancy with production engineers specialized in the automotive industry

Griffin IoT and Devices – Griffin® IoT Cloud for remote sensing applications, Raven Sensor Box 827 for Condition Based Maintenance