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GEPS™ for Industry pilot project with Cramo for positioning of tools

H&D Wireless initiates pilot project with Cramo. Swedish leading supplier of IoT, cloud and platform solutions, is launching a pilot project with the European equipment rental group Cramo. The project involves the positioning of Cramo’s rental products, and will last for two months in the fall of 2017 and will then be evaluated.

GEPS™, the Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service, digitizes, among other things, management systems and visualization of a variety of industry products, where managing rental services is one product. H&D Wireless is now launching a collaboration and pilot project with the leading European hardware rental company, Cramo to solve some of the company’s challenges in managing the machine rental process.

“The pilot project’s goal is to show that H&D Wireless can help solve Cramo’s business challenges”, says Martin Holmgren, senior vice president and responsible for Cramo’s rental fleet and product organization. “This by improving the error rate in the return process, improving overall user and customer experience at the return point, and providing sufficient real-time data that can be used in later steps to improve flow prioritization”.

Read the full press release here.